Mass Effect 3 Review in 500 words

Is this the epic conclusion we have been waiting for?

With Mass Effect Bioware gave every Si Fi fan a true gem of gaming brilliance, creating a fantastically deep and immersive universe, with brilliant characters that you actually cared about. Where Bethsaida was building worlds to lose yourself in, Bioware was creating stories that you felt a part of.

At first glance, it seems that ME3’s gameplay is almost identical to ME2. Essentially you will be approaching situations in very much the same way as you have in previous games. It certainly looks and more importantly feels like a Mass Effect game.

However, the combat and gameplay overall has now been fine tuned to the point where it is hard to fault. Combat flows even faster and easier than it did in and of the previous games. With each of the individual character classes being perfectly balanced and depending on your preferences the game can deliver a different experience to every player. You will have to make some tough decisions not only in the story, but in your own characters development.

Do you go as a Soldier, which is the generic weapon specialist, the Biotic Adept who can attack with the force of their mind, or the Tech Specialist, or any of the hybrid classes in-between? And once you have made these decisions, you are given further choices, how to develop your character. What equipment you ware for defensive purposes and what perks they provide. Also, now even the amount and type of weaponry you carry affects your power recovery time.

The combat which has now been polished to mirror sheen not only flows, but feels and looks better than ever. It is easier than ever to bring death and devastation to your enemies, with easier hotkeys marking it simple to chain powers together with your team mates to create devastating effects.

There is now less of a variety with your team mates, there are a few new additions which in the long run are not as memorable as other past characters, and a few old favourites make their return. Most of the old team mates, if you let them survive of course, make a return, but you can take disappointingly few with you.

What made the first two games amazing was not just the gameplay, which is now better than ever. It was the story, and along with the combat, this is the focus of the game. The graphics and animation are as usual for the series, in a league of their own, with voice acting that has yet to be matched even by most movies.

The story is written brilliantly, and there are many truly brilliant moments. The ending however, leaves much to be desired. For all the decisions the game gives you, the ending makes them all seem irrelevant.

But as they say, it is not the destination, but the journey that matters, and with that Mass Effect will be remembered as one of the best games of the year.


+Fast Addictive and diverse combat

+Brilliant Story and characters that you actually care about

-Ending is a let down



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