Spiderman and other Rambling(s)

So as you can probably guess, I just saw the new Spiderman. It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be to be honest. However the experience of seeing it was brilliant. I appreciate that makes little sense, allow me to elaborate.

I am a member of a cinema chain that allows me to pay £18 per month to view as many films as I like at the cinema. Not that cheap I know, however cinema prices in London are about £14 PER FILM now, and a few quid on top if you want to watch in 3D-blur-O-Vision. Considering that my girlfriend and I will happily watch 3-4 films a month at the cinema it’s a no brainer and saves me a hell of a lot. So I always stick to going to see films at the same old cinemas.

Recently, a cinema near my parents live has just reopened. It was a bit of a dive. A tiny poor quality screen, you couldn’t book online or even call to book tickets, the popcorn was stale and overpriced and it was overall just a bit crap. I used to go when I was younger and living in the area as it was in walking distance and cheap as chips. Well in comparison to other cinemas of course.

So it was my friend’s birthday, and we find out this cinema has just been revamped, so we go after work too see the new Spiderman, because;

  1. I am a big superhero fan.
  2. Nobody else is stupid enough to release anything else too close to The Dark Knight Rises so there was nothing else on.

So we think we will save a few pounds going local and to a cheap cinema. So we turn up, it’s got a fresh lick of paint. Nice, but that makes little difference to the whole movie experience. Then we get into the cinema and WOW. Not only is there a brand new screen, the seats have all been switched out for massive comfy sofas, with tables in front of each seats including wine coolers under each table. They had redone the entire cinema up like we were in a 1950’s style matinée. I mean you could order pizzas and have them on a table in front of you, be served cold beer and I even had a foot rest, all while watching the film. Most cinemas try to pack you in like a sardine to maximise how many people they can squeeze in and get as much money as possible. I defiantly will be going again. I couldn’t think of a better way of enjoying a film at the cinema.

As for the film itself, it was ok. Yeah the Andrew Garfield was pretty good, but we knew he was a great actor from the incredible ‘Social Network’. And I think he made a far better Peter Parker than Toby McGuire ever did. However I found it very annoying that he was clearly struggling to keep his tongue in his mouth. Seriously that thing is huge, watch this film again and keep an eye out for it, you will never look at him in the same light again.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we spent half the film gawping at Emma Stone. Although be fair if I was in a room with her I would probably have to make sure that I didn’t start dribbling myself. Wow. I mean in one scene she is giving a bunch of potential scientific interns a tour of Oscorp dressed in an outfit, that if someone was to really ware while walking around a scientific laboratory she would cause some serious industrial accidents.

As for the Lizardman, yeah he was ok, Rhys Evans was pretty good but the CGI was only passable. Spiderman’s CGI at points was also bordering on terrible. The Sam Raimi’s original is about 10 years old, and the effects are better. Hell there was one scene where Spiderman jumps off a building after doing a handstand, it looked like a sub-par N64 game, and that’s giving it praise.

The drama of the film was, incredibly predictable. I mean did we really have to sit through old ‘Great power and great responsibility’ Uncle Ben getting blown away again. Yeah it’s done well but it’s been done before, and the Raimi death was better, more convincing and better acted.

The moment Parker discovers his abilities is not handled that well either. It just seemed a little fast. One second, spider-bite, next second, kicking ass on a train full of commuters. No fitful night sleep or anything. OK he had the munchies but that was about it.

The fight scenes were done quite well; this is obviously a much younger and less experienced Spiderman that we are seeing here. He only becomes his full on web slinging self in the final scene of the film.

Oh and the Stan Lee cameo is amazing, the man is a legend, and his little cameos have always been ‘there he is!’ and then he’s gone doing nothing in particular. I won’t spoil what it is because it’s just down right hilarious. And it’s one of the films finest moments and one of the funniest moments I have come across in a superhero movie, as entertaining as the jokers disappearing pencil act and as funny as the Hulk vs Lokie in the Avengers. Whoever put that scene in, bravo; it was a stroke of genius.

Now I know I have just nit-picked at this film for the last 800 words, but don’t get me wrong, this is a great movie and I did enjoy it, it’s very strongly acted, especially where the lead role is concerned, as well as Evans as the villain. The CGI could have been a million times better and the fight scenes could have been improved a bit. I mean the Spiderman verses the swat team fight was all too brief but brilliant. Nothing comes even close to the ball bustlingly incredible fight between Spiderman and Doctor Octopus in Spiderman 2. However it is FAR too soon for a reboot. The film is forced to cover the same ground the Rami originals have already done.

It may have been a better idea to do what the surprisingly brilliant ‘The Incredible Hulk’ did. Assume that the audience knew most of the origin story, which unless you have been living in a cave all your life, 99% of the audience knew the Rami films or about the comic books. Going over the origin story AGAIN and not changing enough of the details and making it different enough made it a little bit of a chore to sit through again.

Anyway, I am done nit-picking, I don’t want to give the impression that it is a bad movie, I enjoyed it and I am really excited about the potential of a new Spiderman series and I think that future instalments as the new cast and crew did a great job, they did it a little soon and might not have done enough differently, but it was still a lot of fun and I really think that there is a lot of potential from this series.

I just hope that this film isn’t completely forgotten as it has been sandwiched between the avengers and Prometheus on one side and by the absolute behemoth that will be the Dark Knight rises on the other side.

Overall a very promising 7/10.


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