Hello cruel world..

Well this is awkward… After years of thinking, ‘I should really write a blog, I have a lot to say and views that I have the right to force on people who probably could not care less about anything that I have to say’.

Now the time has come, and I am wallowing in the afterbirth of setting up my blog I find a little lost on how to introduce myself, and to those who don’t know me and have just stumbled across this blind rambling of someone who should probably be doing something more productive with their time.

Well what can I say? I was born far too long ago for my liking and that isn’t improving. However if your reading this blog, rest assured that if I figure out a solution, I will put it in the blog.

Grew up with loving parents so can’t complain there. My dad doesn’t have a single bad bone in his body, unfortunately he was gifted with the exact same amount of brain cells. I mean he is an ambulance driver which is very troubling. I mean if I am seriously injured I would just roll in fur and call the vet and hope for the best rather than call him. The other day he told me he was telling me about a lady who he was carrying who had broken ”a couple of her legs” as he put it. I am assuming that he meant two or he had just picked up some form of mutant spider person.

I’m rambling aren’t I? If you want to be a regular reader you should probably be prepared for a little bit of rambling.

So I lived a life where I was far too lazy, played far too many video games and got far too drunk. Suddenly I find myself stumbling out of university and then thinking (which always ends badly), what the hell do I do now? So I find myself now in a legal job where I work with a great bunch of people, but the job involves dealing with the most stupid people on the planet. I mean the other day I asked someone’s name, is it ”Ms or Mrs?” They asked ”Which is the one where your married?” I fear for the human race. See? Hope you were prepared for the rambling. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now I have moved to London to live with my girlfriend, and she comes from a family filled with very creative individuals, so this was her suggestion. So what is this blog for then?

Well I love writing, I recently started my own book (more on this later), and I read quite a lot. By most normal peoples accounts I read far too much. I love stories, in any medium, be it book, film, television and video games. They can carry us away from a world full of our own problems anywhere that a writer can take you, providing that you have the imagination to fuel your journey. I would love to have a place to put my opinions of the books/films/games that I love or hate and see what other people think of them.

I also think that this is a broken stupid world that we live in, where people spill hot drinks on themselves when driving, and its McDonnald’s fault that they don’t have a notice on their Coffee warning you that its hot. A world where on a bag of roasted peanuts we have to put warnings on the bags saying they ‘may contain nuts’. And its video games fault that a child shoots up his school, not the fault of it being easy for a kid to get a gun. So I will be using this place for ranting. So be prepared for a bit of good old ranting and rambling.

And don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 thoughts on “Hello cruel world..

  1. Hilarious, laugh out loud fun – can’t wait to read more!

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